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Stevie Winwood punching bass plus other stuff


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Had pretty good seats for Steely Dan and Stevie Winwood last night. No bass guitar. Winwood punching bass on pedals. When he went to play guitar, the multi-instrumentalist played organ. There was one song where seemingly nobody was punching/playing bass, but I still heard bass. Yes I had a few drinks..I guess its possible the organ player was playing lefthanded bass notes on the lower manual. But it was weird. Anyone know the deal?


Also---can the pedals be routed to a bass amp? Is that typically done? Ive never punched bass and have no intention of ever doing so---but I am interested to know how the bass is affected by Fast Leslie. I would think it would make it blurry.


Winwoods Leslie was Stop and Fast, no chorale.


Yes, his voice is as pure as ever. No surprises as far as setlist---for either band. I find that a bit disappointing. There is so much ground to cover---why not mix it up? I would get bored. I guess its the Deadhead in me.


And yes, Keith Carlock is still the best live drummer Ive ever seen.


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Likely he was doing LH bass. It's not hard to tap a signal off the hammond preamp, filter out the highs, and send it to an external amp so that the bass bypasses the leslie cabinet.



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Ahhhhh--"Punching Bass" ?? I've heard of kicking bass on the pedals or LH Bass on the keys.

Anyway, yes splitting the bass pedals out is sometimes done in different ways. Simpleist as mentioned is to tap the preamp and filter out the highs. I did that for awhile and then had a dedicated bass unit put into my B3 with a seperate output. Really nice thing was that I could access the bass sounds from one of the presets on my lower manuel as well as the pedals and it worked off the volume pedal. Ran it into an Ampeg Bass Head into a 2/15" cabinet/ Leslie sat on top. Lots to move back then. Wish I never sold that B.

Tony Monaco's A100 has the bass tones wired to his Lower manuel and does a combo of LH bass and Pedals.

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