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Yoko Kanno / Cowboy Bebop

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So there's this Japanese Anime show "Cowboy Bebop" which Cartoon Network airs as part of its "Adult Swim" lineup on Sunday and Thursday nights (on the west coast at least), and I've become an addict. A big reason is the music. It's composed by Yoko Kanno, and it's some of the best TV and film music I've heard in awhile. Heavily bebop-influenced, but covering a huge range of styles. Just wanted to share something I'm greatly enjoying with the community. :D The music definitely bears a listen. I found a [url=http://jameswong.com/ykproject/core.html]web page[/url] with info and Real Player clips (under the "Music" link) of a lot of her work. Anyone here familliar with her stuff or know anything I should check out?

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You can buy the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack CDs at places like cdjapan.co.jp and animenation.com - there are three TV soundtracks, a movie soundtrack, a mini-soundtrack, and a remix compilation. I personally would put the movie score at the top of the list, but they're all incredible. As to other stuff, I've heard nothing but good things about Turn A Gundam, and the Yoko Kanno Collection is fantastic for relaxing new age/orchestral music. kanno.simplenet.com has a pretty exhaustive discography and reviews of most of her albums.
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So glad to see someone bring this up. The "Cowboy Bebop" soundtrack has been one of the most inspiring and influential disks in the past several years for me. Yoko Kanno rules! To rip a full-on horn rocker like "I Want It Back" and then turn on a dime and compose a lyrical jazz brass-choir tune like "Car 39..." Man, I'd rather meet Yoko than any 20 or so random rock stars.

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