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multi track recording on korg kross 61


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Hi, I could not find in Korg Kross 61 manual any answer to the following question: say, I'm recording a song, and I have recorded drums part on the first track. Now I need to play it back, while recording the piano or guitar part on the second track, but without played back drums also getting recorded on the second track. In other words, I want only one instrument/vocal recorded on each track while the preceding track(s) is(are) playing back. Is it possible on Korg Kross 61? Thanks in advance
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If you are using the audio recorder it will only stack things on top of one another.

You cannot go back and change the mix or redo a track, unless you undo everything back to that point.

Really I think it's use (and what I've used it for) is to record your tracks with a DAW and then record the final mix onto the Kross for live playback. I

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