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Cheap synths with MIDI split capability


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Hello, everyone!



Glad to be around again, it's been quite a while. I'm here looking for multiple solutions to my problem - I hope.


I need a synth that can be split into two sounds, and I need each side of the split to transmit on different MIDI channels. And I need it to be cheap. I looked into the SH-201, but from what I can see both sides of the split are tied to the same channel. I'm not sure the Blofeld will do this - maybe you can tell me. I know Nord Leads can, but they are too pricey for what I need.


So there's my predicament for ya'. Give it a go - and thanks already for doing so!


Best regards,


When in doubt, superimpose pentatonics.
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Thanks :-)


The built-in synth is quintessential. Otherwise I'll stay as open-minded as possible in regards to form and function. As long as it strives to be cheap :-)


Maybe try a used Novation KS4 and KS5? They are decent 4-part VA synths with some added digital waves. In performance mode, they also have basic MIDI settings so you can transmit on up to four separate MIDI channels with definable zones and controller settings per zone. No fancy controller features, but it will let you do basic splits and layers on up to 4 channels. They're hard to find stateside...but I see a used KS4 on Craigslist for US$400. Good Luck :cool:

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