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OT: Iceland!


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England played just as poorly as Iceland performed well. They couldn't cross it to save their lives. No great touches. The score could have been worse. I'll always support English football and root for them alongside the US but in this case I am really happy for Iceland.



Of course I have a gig on Sunday when they play France. I hope that's a great match as well.

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Every cloud...


Earlier this evening I was approached on FB Messenger by the venue hosting my duo gig on Sunday, wanting to knock 20 quid off our usual price. They explained that they were afraid no-one would come out because of the England v France game that evening. Eventually, we compromised that if England didn't feature in the last eight, they'd pay the usual price.


Watching the game felt like the strangest ever form of online betting!

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Look on the bright side - England can now save £3 million on a coach and appoint a dentist to do the job in his spare time.


Haha, yes, unbelievable!


This is really the beauty of sports. Fortunately it is not always the one with the most money and most valuable players who wins.


I really enjoyed it (not in the last place that Iceland was the one who kicked the Netherlands out, so now I can feel a bit better about our team......;))




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We (Holland) were allready familiar with the strenght of Iceland.

What I truly find the most amusing is that somehow the English tabloids and half of the nation, believes prior to any tournament that they will at least reach the quarter finals and with a bit of luck the final/cup.I am a soccer fan all my life and it is hilarious that each and every time the English media is falling for the same sentiment. Another golden generation, another dark horse for the title, while in fact you can be sure as anything that Ingurland fails to deliver.


This time they had Kane, Vardi, Rashford, Rooney, Sterling.....an exquisit frontline........hahaha I am 49 years of age, but i wonder if i would kick the corners and free kicks so badly as Kane did yesterday.


Sorry....all credits go to Iceland who learned our arrogant national team a valuable lesson on the road to this tournament.........There are no minnows in soccer and the more a player gets payed, the more he is going to believe the fairytail of his own hype.......with a few exceptions of course.

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Beauiful story,beautiful iceland team!

But here in France we are not so proud and arrogant to play this team on sunday.


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