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Sire Marcus Miller basses


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No, I did not buy one :) But my bass teacher did.


I went to see him perform live and his tone was absolutely killer. Had a bass workshop the next day so I asked if I could give it a go. Very smooth neck, very even feel. Didn't like the skinny roundwound strings but that's personal.


I only played it briefly but to be honest: this bass has the looks, feel and tone to be a number 1 go-to bass. And they're not expensive either ... Total shocker.


For once, I would say: believe the hype!

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I have tried one of them, not sure which one. I tried it active and passive and in various configurations. To me it's a bass that can follow one along many paths and can be used to very diverse sound necessitiets.

If I were not already convinced of having the bass of a lifetime, I think I would have bought one of these. I think it can be a definitive instrument, good enough for anything, not something you say often at that price.

-- Michele Costabile (http://proxybar.net)
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I'd have a fretless one for my upcoming Significant Birthday but for the fact I can't see an unlined fretless nor an ebony fingerboard. So I'm looking at Maruszczyk (I never try to spell this - I only cut & paste it).



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But the headstock..there just aren't many "non-Fender" headstocks that I like. Roscoe has a great one. Sadowsky looks good, too. G&L is nice, Lakland too. How come they can have a "fedneresque" headstock and not hear from lawyers but others have these strange looking things.Eye of the beholder and all that I suppose.
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