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Wurli e.p. power cord?


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Anyone know a brick-and-mortar store where I can buy a replacement power cord for a Wurlitzer 200? I'm not even sure what to ask for -- it's called a 18-3 SVT, I think? Is there anything else that uses the same cord?


I called a Radio Shack, the guy didn't know what I was talking about.


I left my cord at a studio last week and just realized it. Wanted to use the wurli today.

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Ha. Good luck is all I can say, as far as brick and mortar goes. My old 200A, sold a number of years ago, was adapted to a captive cable by some previous owner, but my only remaining model 700A can take a regular ungrounded extension cord.


I had a Wurlitzer 120 a long time ago that also would accept a generic extension cord, but you probably want one that grounds the amp/preamp and fits nice and neat.


Never seen one.


If you've got time on your hands, it would be a major upgrade to pop one of those IEEE-standard desktop-computer-style receptacles on there, but that's kind of a PITA, at least for me. I'd say just cram an extension cord in there and call it good, at least for temporary use.

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Amazon has a bunch of them, if it's still the same standard. I searched for 18-3 SVT.

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Hmmm, sounds similar to the issue I had with my Howard Combo. The connecting end of the cord shorted out and I had to jury rig an end using barrel connectors about 15 years ago. It does work though....

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