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$50 - it's a gritty pood price

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We joined the "Y" a year ago to have a place for Lilly to swim, year round. She was about to turn 4 years old and had recently learned to hold her breath underwater, in the bathtub. The "Y" has an indoor lap pool, an indoor therapy pool that begins at 0 depth, and a beautiful 0 depth - 6 ft. outdoor pool, as well.


First, wearing goggles, she made me take her to the deep end and would let go, then grab me to pull her face out of the water. She liked me to push her to the bottom to pick pennies off the floor of the pool. That's a scary thing, deliberately dunking your child to the bottom! Somehow, she survived intact. ;)


A few weeks after we began swimming there, Lilly asked to use a pair of swim flippers that were left behind by another member. Though she couldn't swim, with flippers she was able to stay above water. It was a few more weeks before she began swimming to the bottom of the pool! A month later the swim fins were gone and she still swam to the bottom by herself! The lifeguards all thought she was drowning. They must've thought I was crazy, watching a 4 year old sink (actually swim) to the bottom. She's been an avid swimmer ever since. We go to the "Y" most every Saturday. Prior to my new job, she and I swam almost every day.


Another Nashville-suburban "Y" has a great rock climbing wall. It's 4 doors down from Lilly's day-care, so we rock climb most every Monday night now.


If you haven't looked into joining the "Y", look again. In Nashville they have many fantastic facilities, and the entire area is open to members from each, individual, "Y".


Good luck on your physical conditioning, Cereal! :thu:

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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