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Questions on home studios, magazines

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I'm looking to subscribe to a magazine aimed at home studio musicians. The closest I can find seems to be "Home Recording", but I was wondering if there is anything else out there that has honest reviews and if it's free, cool but it doesn't have to be either.


Also is there or has there been a magazine or book or a site that showcases studios? I gotta admit, they're damn nice to look at and envy.

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SOS is UK only isn't it?

You can get a US mail subscription. I get the cheaper E-subscription and save the relevant stuff in my personal and ongoing database/reference library. If you don't mind waiting six months all issues eventually become free to read. Six months in the music and recording world these days is a long time especially when your looking forward to Craig's Sonar Notes. They do alot of people/interview/profile articles that I enjoy alot.

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TapeOp is free - I've been getting that one and will probably spring for the subscription since I like the McGuyver style of recording and mixing.


EQ I pick up at the newsstand, the current version has a most useful acoustics article (written by Ethan no less!).


SOS is on-line and I have a 6 month subscription with them - you also get to view the latest 6 months of mags online.

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We cover some of that, but we are really a project studio magazine and we've covered all in one studios, Tracktion ($80), etc. We actually like to find cool stuff that doesn't cost much, we did an issue on tone tools under $250 or something like that. But the techniques apply to any studio.


Also, if you like looking at studios, "Room with a VU" continues to be one of our most popular features. Session File usually contains a lot of useful info, as well.


I lot of people I know subscribe to EQ for the recording, SOS as a replacement for Electronic Musician, and TapeOp because its coverage has very little overlap with the other two.



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