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The monitor level pot on my keyboard mixer (Speck Xtramix) has been flaky/scratchy for quite some time. This morning I completely lost the right side channel. I eventually got it back with a lot of button pushing, turning of pots and jiggling of cables. But I decided to finally open up the mixer and tackle this thing since I purchased spare pots several months ago. Once I removed the cover (not difficult at all) I could not believe how pristine the layout was with 10 input channel circuit cards (2 stereo channels per card), 8 Group/Effects/Monitor cards and the 2 Master Circuit cards. By removing the hex nuts behind the front panel knobs of the monitor section (5 total), I was able to slide the card out, remove the old pot and solder in the new one in no time. It doesn't get much easier than this and I'm back in business.


I love well engineered, well laid out electronics that's easily serviceable. I guess I'm not used to this with some of my recent maintenance endeavors, but it sure is nice.






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