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I can't stop hording Ventilators!


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It's become a thing for me. I've become hopelessly addicted to the sound of the Vent, used primarily with my NS2 for the past 5+ years. It's a special piece of gear.


I have my first Vent (the classic) mounted in my rack and that is where it lives. For the longest time, I only used my Vent on gigs and otherwise, just dealt without it at home or in rehearsal, when 90% of the time, I do not lug my big gig rack.


About a year ago, I picked up a Mini Vent for Organ secondhand and started using that for rehearsals. I traded that one up for the Vent II and have been happily using this between home and rehearsal space. But I got lazy...I grew weary of remembering to take it out of my home studio area and carry it to band practice.


Which leads my to my THIRD Vent, holy crap! I grabbed a killer deal from Ashby Solutions on another Mini Vent for Organ and grabbed it.


Now I have my Vent I for gigs, Vent II for home, and Mini Vent for the rehearsal space.


It's a darn cool machine. I feel very fortunate to have this convenient way to use one wherever I need it.

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Yeah, sadly I am a ventaholic. I got one when Guido was shipping them from Germany. Then when the V2s came out I got another V1 for a spare in case you could get a new one if it broke. Then I had to move out of state and put most of my stuff in storage. So I bought another one because my others are packed up 2000 miles away. At least this one was about half of what I paid for the first one cause I got it used and the V1s are kind of old news. But i mostly use vb3 whose sim is more than passable so i usually don't bother hooking up the vent. I still like the vent better. The vent is king.
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I've got a minty Vent II for sale if you're interested....no kidding.

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I haven't used my vent (original) since I sold my Kurz. The vent transformed that board's B3 sounds, and I even used it to boost the EPs and Clavs (with the vent on "brake").


Since I've been using the SK2 I haven't needed it, but I've missed it. Moving from the SK2 back to an 88-key piano looking forward to using the vent again!

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Maybe you should have been a ...


(wait for it)...







Fixed in the quote.


See, he's got three of ... oh nevermind...


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Guilty as well. I have 2 original and 1 vent ll. Really for convenience.
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Eric, you could end up with a Vent' for each day of the week. I also have an original Ventilator that's being put up for sale :D

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