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how would I go about...

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How would i go about getting that great accoustic guitar sound where you here alot of the picking, and just a bit of the tone of the actuall guitar. I don't know how else to explain this sound. Coldplay seem to use it alot in their recordings.


I've tried using a very thin pic, with an AT 3035 Condensor mic. didn't work.


Where should i place the mic? would a pencil condensor do the trick? or is my guitar just not made to sound like that on tape?




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I'll have to listen to more Coldplay.


I'd say the best thing you can do is experiment, within your means...until you get something close. Meanwhile, even though you might not get the exact sound you're looking for...you might get something good and unique. Don't pass it by...

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Also, try compressing it with a sorta slower attack to allow the initial pick (transient) to poke through, and a really really short release. It'll help push this along. The idea is not to squash the guitar sound so much as create little spikes with the initial pick and then letting the rest of the notes settle back down. Make sense?
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Use a small diaphragm condenser, roll off the low end and use a lot of compression.

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thanx for everyone's help, i'll try all the tips, and let you know how it went. I was just curious if it's possible to get that sound from the beggining of the chain, that is, the guitar, or the mic, but i guess it's not possible.


thank you


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