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Semi OT: Big Brass Band

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I couldn't mention Elvis and just one song as he did a whole album of gospel that RCA refused to do until he drew a line in the sand. It became one of his best selling albums. Elvis would keep the band up all night after the live shows with him on piano and they sang gospel till the wee hours. His 1st singing gigs were in the church where he grew up singing in the choir. His country album was not received well by the old country music icons but it too was a top seller. Gospel, Rhythm Blues, and Country music fused together much of Elvis's material in the early days...(these stories are from my old memories and not to be relied upon). "Thank you mam, Thank you very much." "Elvis has left the building." "Scotty, there's something wrong with my lip?" :cool:
Take care, Larryz
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I remember that LP you mention. Elvis sitting with a whistful expression with his fingers on the keys of a white piano, right? When I was about 10 or so, a buddy of mine was big on it! ;)


Most(if not all) those old "soul" singers we've been going on about and admired came from church choirs. Sam Cooke, Al Green, Wilson Pickett and Otis, and especially ARETHA, who at a young age sang lead in the choir at her Father's church!


A favorite story Aretha used to tell is when young teens, her and her friends would gather around the family's piano singing the popular R&B and rock'n'roll tunes of the day with her younger sister perched at the window as lookout. When their father, the Rev. "C.L." was spotted walking down the street headed for home,the girls would quickly switch to a gospel tune! :D


Remember the part in the movie "RAY" where Ray Charles' wife got upset with him for fusing Gospel elments in his music? Said it was BLASPHEMOUS and all? But also notice it's when his career really went into high gear!



I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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