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external midi and juno d

juno dee

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I've connected a midi usb keyboard controller to a Juno D because there are several dead keys on the Juno. Everything works fine..plays performances, patches, the knobs on the Juno D affect the output sound...but when I select the [chord memory] or [arpeggio/phrase] button the sound is unaffected.

This was the main incentive for the setup as I really like playing around with the [chord memory] or [arpeggio/phrase] buttons. However they still work when I play the faulty Juno keyboard.

What settings do I need to make if any?

Im thinking, because there is no midi channel allocated to these functions, it may not be possible to operate them externally.

I've checked the Juno manual..found nothing regarding this

Thanks Dave


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Hi and welcome to the Keyboard Corner. Broken keys are a common problem with the Juno D. Try going into the MIDI settings on the Juno and setting it to SLAVE or EXTERNAL and see if that helps -- if your external keyboard sends clock that may be do it. It's a long shot, but the only I idea I have right now. I'm sure others have some ideas though... :) Good luck!
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Thanks for quick reply, but can you elaborate a little, as the Juno D midi parameters dont have a SLAVE/EXTERNAL settings. If you could look at the .pdf manual at Roland site perhaps you can explain with reference to the relevant parameters..please! Thanks
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