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Guitarist's amp under my keyboard stand!


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The bass player/band leader that I worked with on the road told stories of a guy he worked with that kept messing with him. The guy would reach over and turn a tuning key on his bass, mid song. He told him repeatedly not to do that, but the guy would not stop.


The guy was the "Star" of the band. They would play a couple songs, then the "Star would run out, grab his acoustic guitar from where it was leaning against the rail, grab an eagle-claw G chord, and start strumming right into the vocal mike.


In order to try to combat the tuning peg behavior, Wray, the bass player, one time duct taped the neck of the guitar to the railing, so when the "star" grabbed it, he almost sprained his wrist. Did not stop the tuning peg crap.


Finally Wray had enough, and took a pair of dikes, and while the "star" was playing, cut every one of his strings. The fight was on, but the tuning peg crap never happened again.


I don't condone destruction of equipment, but sometimes enough is enough.

"In the beginning, Adam had the blues, 'cause he was lonesome.

So God helped him and created woman.


Now everybody's got the blues."


Willie Dixon






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Every bad relationship has two terrains... stay or leave, there's no middle ground.

Notice I said "bad" as in no resolution in sight & intolerable. All relationships are about compromise & band relationships can really put the funk in disfunction. ;-)

You don't know you're in the dark until you're in the light.
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If we're going for childish, another fun idea is to put all your beer on top of the amp.
Get a pitcher ... and a few glasses.



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Try an experiment- possibly with an additional speaker aimed at his head.

Yesterday, total coincidence.. I found not only a guitar amp to my left but a smaller one right in front touching sustain pedal position

Right underneath keyboard.

Luckily it was not too loud.

But I was playing left hand bass... so I Ceased playing chords OR any solos even after being asked to solo.. My right hand sound could not easily raise to a level I was comfortable at. I only played Left hand bass, until I gradually would play a stab here and there of right hand.

I am ready to go violent on someone so rather than that, I just go the other way, and not play very much.

There are two ways to go with too loud ( is that an exercise in the tautological ? ) guitar players ( last night there were 2 ):

You can compete OR play much softer, basically inaudible to them... which they often don't care about because of their self absorption .

It's a choice you make on a minute by minute basis. I may roar at their level here and there, or just lay out.

THEY are creating the problem with their chimpanzee mentality.. So I detach from it.

You don't have ideas, ideas have you

We see the world, not as it is, but as we are. "One mans food is another mans poison". I defend your right to speak hate. Tolerance to a point, not agreement

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Wow,, I've thought I've heard everything, but this guy(guitar player) takes the cake. I certainly would think on leaving, however, what do your other band mates think,,,maybe run it by them first. Also does your guitar player ever visit this forum or others? Wish you all the best!
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