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PC soundcards

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i use my PC for video editing/rendering. not audio, the audio is done on the macs and imported.


so i have been using the MB sound output (yuck) for monitoring.


i installed a DIGIDESIGN AM3 card for two weeks and it sounded and worked great, but for some reason it corrupted all my .m2v files rendering them useless (GB's of data) and all my rendered dvd's were unplayable in any manner.


so the card had to go. after i pulled the digi card and drivers (tried both the wav and the asio) the video problems became normal again although all the .m2v files are no longer usable on any computer.


well i DONT MIND the nasty sound of the MB sound output, but i DO MIND the fact that it has a NASTY BUZZ coming off this module. nasty enough to drive me crazy, like when a guitar cable goes bad or a extreme groundloop buzz sound.


its the PeeCee, not the wiring. i swapped out my mac's cables into the pc and the buzz persists.


finally, i ran the peecee across town and hooked it up by itself, still buzzes. nasty. with the digi card = no buzz but i cant use the computer.


so what i want is a simple soundcard that isnt too expensive, works with XP and can be used as a system sound output (digi card couldnt do that)




SPDIF would be bonus, but i have to run the system sound out of the card.

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Originally posted by Mr. Nice Crass Coaster Guy:

i usually just test things with my ears. if it sounds good, it is good.


i dont really care what some number or chart tells me.


that said, i have always liked the dark sound of an AM3 card. is this the most accurate card? no. but i like it.


i havent heard a SB card that i can stand for more than a few minutes yet. do i need numbers to tell me the card is poor?

I'd say you just take a close listen to them cards :D
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Originally posted by Mr. Nice Crass Coaster Guy:

looks like a high quality card. how does it stack up to the similarly priced 2498 i wonder?


also looking at the delta 1010lt interface.

All the M-Audio stuff is fine driver-wise and converter-wise.That ad for the Delta 410 for $99.00 bucks has been around for a while and when my brother tried to pick one up at GC 2 months ago they were sold out everywhere,on line as well.The Audiophile($149.00)is a perfect choice if you can't get the 410.
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Since it's for video, don't even worry about 96k. since all the broadcast stuff is done in 48k/16bit. So really any 2 channel 24bit 48k card would be more than fine. Hell, my soundblaster audigy2 would even be fine for that stuff.

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