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Why no discussion about the Nord Piano 3?


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Just wondering why there is no talk about the new Nord Piano 3. Is it not available yet? didn't anyone play it an NAMM or somewhere? The Utube videos look cool but haven't seen any threads on it so wondering why.
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Yep, the UK stores are indicating August on their websites. It could be that increased demand for the improved E5 has led to capacity issues.

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I had a very short time at NAMM with it. Fwiw I've posted a few times on it here, pianoworld and the Nord forum.


Rather then rehash my luke warm first impressions (due mostly to background ambient noise overload and Radio Shack quality headphones) , I'll just say I'm looking forward to hearing/playing it in an environment more conducive to listening. ;):)


It's too bad they aren't available to check out at the Sweetwater Gearfest coming up.


As frequently mentioned, I do think the price point is high. Yet there seem to be no shortage of people that are willing to pony up.


That being the case, I can see the NP3 being very popular with more serious pianist types.


I applaud Nord for finally including something somewhat representative of the acoustic Jazz genre in their demos. The short 'Round Midnight clip on their site for the NP3 sounds excellent ! :cool: Although I could have used some blowing on at least the two A sections and bridge before taking the last A melody out. But beggars can't be choosy I guess. ;)


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