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Amusing pet habits / tricks?

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So the other day I noticed our cat chased after a shadow moving on the floor. I grabbed a watch and began reflecting light off it onto the walls and floor, and she'd run after it. This was too fun but the sun isn't up 24 hours and sometimes it could get tiresome so I bought something I have no use for other than amusing the cat and myself:


a laser pointer.


She'll stare at the dot high up on the wall or the ceiling, I know she's ambitious. One of these days she's going to make that jump :D

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Our cat Abby is as cute as a button, but dumb as a post....


She plays with EVERYTHING! If it slides across the floor, she'll attack it. For example, Abby would be a fantastic hockey player if the NHL used Skittles. :D


And that's just the tip of the iceberg...




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We have a 18 year young spry cat..completely runs the house & neighborhood..will actually tell you to kindly :evil: (scratchs your legs) remove yourself from a chair, he may want to sleep in...has several beds around the house and refuses to ly in them,(load roars) until you fluff the blankets --my wife uses the dryer to warm them each evening :rolleyes: all of his food/water bowls are measured heights from the floor--so as not to cause arthritis to his neck....Outdoors he has a raised brick path >> correctly spaced for his walk..completely around the home === the lists goes on & on >>> the vet charges $375+ for teeth cleaning,every year, here in our town..think what a simple surgery cost!! So >> my wife spoils me too :thu:
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Lulu the dog shakes uncontrollably when she's excited. Also shivers when you bathe her - even if the water is really warm.


Viva the dog will chase the lazer pointer. Also carries around clothing/posessions to get attention. Will not go outside if the ground is even remotely wet.


Fidel the cat fetches toy mice and has OCD. Has figured out the function of the doorknob.


Jujube the 14 lb. cat likes to sit on your lap while you're on the John. Gets jealous if another pet is in the bathroom. He also likes to swat at your head from atop the fridge and shit outside the litter box.


Aurora the 6 lb. cat likes to pick fights with the dogs.

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Our dog Casper is a huge golden retriever. He's getting old now, but in his younger years he used to jump on all my friends to try and show dominance. Thing is he never did it to girls, and you HAD to be bigger than him. Made me wonder if getting him neuder was a good idea? :confused::D
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Originally posted by halljams:

It's not a trick, but both my dogs love grapefruit.

Which works out wonderfully because i can't stand the shit.

They love most fruit. Oranges, apples like mad, Kiwi, mango, even banana. I'm not sure wether that is normal or not.

Be careful not to feed them too much, it can give them the poops really bad, whcih is doubly bad if you're not home when it strikes.

Hope this is helpful.


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This is Munch




His tricks include eating and sleeping.


This is Mia




She plays bass



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I have a beagle that coulda been a grave digger. He is such a small dog, but man can he dig! He dug almost 2 ft down so he could chew on a tree root 9" in diameter. He eats limbs all day long. Big ones. Stupid dog.


But he is so gentle. Now I see why Charles Shultz loved them so. Long live Snoopy!

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I don't know how amusing it is, but our birds are Very adept at throwing food all over the place, crapping on the floor at every opportunity, and chewing on any furniture or trim they can if left out unattended!!

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