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Ambika Synth Custom Build From TubeOhm


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What a powerful 6 voice synth.

I needed a good comping synth, but this thing does monophonic really well too.

I had 2 x Moog Ladder Filters added for a low 2 x voice split using Unison mono, and 4 x voice comp for upper split.

Extremely powerful.

So fat I had to give it an ancient Oberheim decal.


Run 6 x outs to a hot rodded BLA ADA8200, using ADAT out to an XITE-1 where a TC Fireworx gives it whatever I need.





Magnus C350 + FMR RNP + Realistic Unisphere Mic
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Yeah I bribed Andre at Tube Ohm.


Marzz at first I was using 6 x outs into a BLA ADA8200.

Just didnt like the voice shifting.

Reminded me of the M12/XPander using several outs.


Then decided to try the mono out with a DSP Device that splits mono into dual mono with 1-256 sample offsets.

This is what synths do anyways, and why they go out of the way to have built in FX.

So I gave Ambika a TC Fireworx and Lord have mercy.

No more Omnisphere or Zebra2 HZ needed.


I found aliasing on certain wavetables like Pad, but on waveforms I found them as stable as discrete audio.


Did you ever try the PC Editor?

I can program sounds and store them effortlessly in real time.

Assigned all CCs for 2 active parts and really have some excellent control.

Factory presets are what Id expect from an electronics engineer.

I quickly browsed through them and cant use a single one.


Now have 6 x dual splits totally automated using the K4.

4 great leads.

18 various pads including a killer Pipe Organ reminiscient of Mountains Nantucket Sleighride.


I admit the first week I put this up for sale.

Figured Id get a Parva.

But now Ill just use both.


Maybe the OB6 Module/Rack will be out next year.

Ill get that too.


So many MIDI Outs must be used.

K4 is only using 5 atm.

Room for 3 more synths.



Magnus C350 + FMR RNP + Realistic Unisphere Mic
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Andre at TubeOhm has pretty much dedicated himself to keeping the Ambika going. I like your idea about splitting the signal, I was sending a mono signal to a stereo effects to do that. I do still like OmniSphere and Zebra2, I run them thru PSP DigitalWarmer to give it "oomph!"


The basic waveforms (Saw, Square, etc.) do not alias, that's true.


Parva sounds great, has that Rolandish vibe, just needs a few more Firmware updates to be ready for primetime. OB6 Module? Just a matter of time...

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