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my guitar playing


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originally im a bass player but moved over to guitar cuz lots more to do....now i used to be able to read music, and ive tried learning again but my memory from the war is shot, plus my parkinsons doesnt let me fiddle with all them finger placements....so i do a lot of baring of chords....now one of my fav bands is crowbar and they do a lot of that....so i guess i can make a living on doing what they do....who knows? im looking for advice, suggestions or tips to better improve my playing.....i would appreciate it much....ty
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I agree.


But it's rare(for me) to hear of someone moving from bass to guitar.


I've always heard it go the other way. Like with ....






and STING, I think.


Wow. I just had a couple of "mini-strokes" year before last and am whining about THOSE affecting my playing.


And YOU'RE tackling it with Parkinson's?


GOTTA admire that level of spunk! GOOD on ya!


And best of luck.


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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Welcome aboard Shred4life!

<---there are tons of free lessons on YouTube on just about any subject. You can repeat these as many times as you wish until your memory kicks in. There are DVD lessons available which allow you to repeat them over and over again as well. Barre chords are definitely one of the things all guitar players should work on IMHO. Good luck, and the main thing to do is have fun with it!







Take care, Larryz
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Practice is the only path to better playing, practice till you want to quit playing, and then practice some more. Scales, chords, songs. Do it all in a practice session.


There is a saying among musicians that goes like this; "How do I get to Carnegie Hall, & the answer is; Practice, practice, practice".

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