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MIDI Looper/Latch, like on the Alesis Ion/Micron?


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Did anyone else love the 'latch' on the Alesis Ion/Micron that allowed you to loop a phrase of any length, but would let you 'interrupt' it if you wanted to play a fill, but it would resume, keeping the time? It was basically a MIDI Looper.

It took me years after I sold it to realise how awesome that feature that was.


Now I'm doing LH bass trio gigs a lot, it'd be very nice to have that on funky vamps and so forth.


Anyways, I'm using MainStage & Reaktor, any thoughts on how you might go about achieving this? One can do audio looping in MainStage of course, but somehow that feels like cheating (yeah because a MIDI looper wouldn't be cheating, Clifton)

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