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John Paterno / GC Pro website

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I just wanted to take a second to give a big thumbs up to two of our friends - Jeff Klopmeyer and John Paterno. Jeff did the new GC Pro website and it looks really nice. And there's a great interview with John Paterno (who is on the GC Pro Advisory Board) on the site - everyone should check it out!


Well done guys! :thu::thu:

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Originally posted by Doug Osborne:

Did you do the GCPro ad in the Feb 2004 Pro Sound News?

Yes, actually. Though unlike most of my ads that I do soup-to-nuts, we worked with PSN's art department since we wanted it to have an advertorial feel, as it does.


Our plan is to do a new one of those each month. I'm getting the next one ready right now, as a matter of fact.


- Jeff

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