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Portable Racks

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Hey guys, I'm from the bass player forum, but ducking over to ask about a PA rack. We've got a peavey mixer and amp and assorted rack gear and are looking for a rack to protect it all in. I searched the forum but didn't come back with anything. Any suggestions for a case with about 10 spaces and a mixer on top? I've got about $300 to work with.


SKB roto roller


This is an example of what I'm looking for. If you guys think this would be a good choice, then great.


Thanks for the feedback



Still working on it...

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looks like a decent rack to me. Make sure there's space for plugs if your mixer jacks are on the back.. also - don't pay full musicians friend/guitar center price, look for a used one. If you see a used one at GC, offer them about 60% of the price they label it with.

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