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OT: "funny" crimes

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What happened sunday morning in Nybro, a small Swedish town:


At 2 am the churbells started to ring.

Turns out burglars not only stole valuable items from said church, but also the remote control for the church bells!




What do we want? Procrastination!

When do we want it? Later!

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There's two I really liked.


The first one involves a man who attempted to rob a liquor store. To show he meant business, he fired two shots into the ceiling. But, he was robbing the place with a double-barreled shotgun, and had just emptied it! The news item said he was run off by the gun wielding store owner.


The second one I heard on the Tonight show's "Headlines" segment. Two kids stole a boat, rode it around for a while then ran it aground. They then set the boat on fire. They were dancing around the boat laughing up a storm until they realized they were on an island!



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I saw some footage of some would be burglars in an attempt to pull a ATM machine out of the wall using a chain and their truck's bumper. Needless to say when they drove off the ATM pulled off their bumper. Funny thing! They got scared and drove off. But forgot to get their bumper which had their license plate attached to it.
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