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more WIFI and MAC/PC

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ok, so here is where it is NOW:


have a cable modem hooked up to a NETGEAR WIRELESS ROUTER model WGT624. have a winXP box with a wifi pci card in it. this works.


want to hook a mac up to the network.


mac has ethernet.


can i use an ME101 wireless ethernet bridge to do this?


is all 802.11b equipment interchangable?





so if i have an 802.11b router, i can hook up an 802.11b wireless access point regardless of brand?

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Should not be a problem.


I run netgear 101's at work and my mac's all pick it up . I have not tried it in bridge mode, but honestly, the PC's are way more finicky than the macs. If you have a problem, download netstumbler for the mac from versiontracker.com


In general, all 802.11b stuff play swell together. I have used Netgear, Linksys and Apple products with no issues.

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I just built my DAW around the A7N8X-E (has some wifi crap adapter). Wonder if I'll ever use it.

I think it would be awesome (for others) if they could back up the stuff in their DAW into another comp, "wirelessly"...over the air. I heard of a free program that basically backs up the modified files, never replacing a file with an older version. It was on thw "Screen Savers" show... I"ll search on it..

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Originally posted by Mr. Nice Crass Coaster Guy:

uh oh. looks like the router might be 802.11G instead of 802.11b.


do G and B communicate together? speed is not a concern for the mac, 10mb/s is plenty fast for what its used for.


an me101 runs about $75, but the G version is over $225. cant afford that.

I think you're talking about what Apple call Airport and Airport Extreme. They are compatible - I have an Airport base station and am extreme card in my G5 and they work fine.
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