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MusicCDSettlement checks

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I don't know if you remember this suit against the labels about the MAP (minimum advertised price) on behalf of all us "purchasers of music CDs". Some people I told (those who traditionally believe you never get anything for free) thought it was a scam. Well, that scam just sent me a check in the mail today. It's only $13.86, but I'll take lunch from the "upstanding" and "honest" :rolleyes: major labels today. :D


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It will be interesting to see how many of us get paid. I know many here signed up after several threads linked to the sign up site. Haven't received a check yet.


Frankly, I'm shocked they didn't reach the max number. I thought it would take a matter of days after word got around. If they reached a certain number that brought the award per person below $5 (I think.), then the money would have gone to music related charities instead.

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