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The Great White Tradegy

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My wife read in the paper that they were going on tour again... except half the band quit. I understand they deserve to make a living, but I agree with those that left the band. Not smart to tour, methinks.


And before anyone cites The Who concert where several audience members were killed, I should point out that general seating (Which was the reason folks died. No assigned seats for much of the audience sent people running as fast as they could to get the best seats.) had nothing to do with the band. That was a management/venue decision. Even in the best scenario for the band, it was their employee who set the fire due to the pyro.


Besides, Great White didn't exactly have the status of The Who at those points in each bands' career.

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Would you believe that these untalented, murderous assholes actually have the audacity to capiltalize on this tragedy for their own selfish gain????




I'm pretty fucking speechless here :mad::evil:


The above is a real album cover, but I won't link to the amazon page because I don't want to give these lowlifes any extra publicity.

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Thanks for posting that, Bob. Looks like they are denying any connection with this release. Though it could be possible that this is just another facet of a 'publicity stunt'---nothing surprises me anymore, unfortunately.


They are still untalented, murderous assholes either way :cry:

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