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Fake Hotel Check In Names...

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OK, your a rockstar checking into a hotel but you've got to keep the profile on the downside.

What name do you check in with.


I have two.


Oliver Clothsoff (stolen from Johnny Colt/Black Crows)


and mine..


Juan Andatoo

overheard street personality on Venice Beach "Man, that Bullshit is Bulllshhittt...."
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As many of you know, I travel extensively in other countries such as India, Peru, Burma, and so forth. If checking into a hotel, I rarely use my real name, more for the fun of it than anything else (although I believe it's come in handy once or twice). Some names have included:


Sherman Tanx

Randolph Francis Hergen De La Cruz

Duke Kahanamoku

Ben Dover

Ebenezer Googinoff

Ken Stipation

Jacques Miauffe

Suzy Creamcheze

Won Hung Low

Tenzing Gumdrop

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In college, we used to order records from Columbia House under the name Phil McGroin.

Got lots of nice collection letters with the name on it.


I used to check into hotels under the real names of famous rock folk, like Reginald Dwight, Gordon Sumner, or Dave Evans.

I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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Sometime back, I got an email from a friend...it had a link to some audio clips...what these guys would do was go to airports, head up to an information desk, ask them to page certain people, then go off and record the results.

Names were things lik 'Aheddis Fugginjob' and 'Ivana Qweet'


It was a goddamned SCREAM, I tells ya. A SCREAM. :freak::D

I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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"Michael Hunt, but you can call me Mike."


Love that one..........Someone called the main switchboard one day and asked you be paged for an "emergency call". She paged about 20 times before someone explained it to her!

Anyone who says that "Crime doesn't pay", obviously isn't doing it right.
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In my travels with Keyboard and EQ, I've met up with many a rock star in hotel. Here are a couple of my favorite check-in names. (No lie, I had to tell these to the front desk.)


Trent Reznor: Hannibal Lecter


Eric Kretz (Stone Temple Pilots): Rip Nipples


Simon Phillips: Don Key Knob

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