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Weird goings on...part II

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With respect to Ani's troubles...this seems a bit more tame...but...


First of all, since President's Day is over, I changed my displayed name back to "Tedster". Well, it seems to be working on my individually displayed messages, but not on the thread titles.


Okay, now for the crappier one...some worm has imbedded itself into my profile and is changing my "homepage" and "your picture" to porn sites, and some with disturbing names. It seems bent on resetting itself to this shit, and I have no idea where it's coming from.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Originally posted by TB-AV:

You've been hijacked.


here is a site with an easy to understand explination and solution.


Browser Hijacking

Thanks, excellent resource! Very helpful & informative. (and scary too :freak: )


I found this page on the same site, close to the end of that page there is a link to DoubleClick OptOut wich seems like a very good thing to use.


Again, thanks.




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