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Tip Of The Hat........To Our Elders

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Well, more like my contemporaries. I think you HAVE to recognize the erormous talent of all the people in the music business that came before us, while at the same time....forging into new territory. Know what I'm saying?


I've been thinking about that a lot lately. All the great music that has happened in the last 50 years, and also thinking about all of those people that are still alive. We owe them a great deal.

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Originally posted by matt C:

Don't forget that many of them are great in retrospect: true groundbreaking talent is rarely ever noticed in its own time. We might be able to look back and think that we were once flamed by a genius.

That is a great point
During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. -George Orwell
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You will never know where you're going without knowing where you've been. For all you know, the path forward might involve going backwards a long way, and taking a different fork. I heard Rick Rubin being interviewed on "Fresh Air" last night on NPR, talking about a new 5-CD box set of Johnny Cash's "American Recordings" series. They played a snippet of Cash singing an old Stephen Foster tune, "Hard Times." Just Johnny and a guitar, and his age-ravaged voice, singing a song a century and a half old.


As corny as it may sound, people, and I haven't really shared this thought since I had it, I had a flash of what I could only call an apocalyptic vision. I saw an America from a future where the power was off - indefinitely - and all the recordings of all the music in all the world were of no use to anyone. I saw myself sitting on the porch, like Johnny Cash, with my voice and a guitar and my grandchildren around me, singing the old songs so they wouldn't perish from the face of the earth. For the briefest moment I lived in a world where the sound of John Lennon singing "Love Me Do" existed only in my mind, as I sang it to someone else. Where anyone who wanted to hear Hank Williams sing "Cold Cold Heart" would have to settle for my best impression. Where anyone who wanted to hear Maria Callas sing anything was just shit out of luck. I have not gotten shed of this thought since the moment it first crossed my mind.


Damn all the technology - if we let the oral tradition die, we've had it. You know, they burned the libraries at Alexandria. For God's sakes, learn the old songs and play them for each other. Yeah, you should have them on CD, but we never know whether someday, that might not be enough.

"I had to have something, and it wasn't there. I couldn't go down the street and buy it, so I built it."


Les Paul

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