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AMD turning the heat up on rivalry with Intel

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Analysts have said they expect a major announcement from Intel this week on 64-bit computing, a technology that lets computers churn through doubly large chunks of data than the current 32-bit computers.


While Intel spent years developing a chip called Itanium that brings 64-bit computing to very high-end business computers, it has called the technology premature and unnecessary for mainstream home and business PCs.


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It must be to compete with the Intel "Prescott"... TechReport.com - Prescott

TomsHardware.com - Prescott


Now, we just have to wait for the 64-bit Windows (for those not going to Linux/Unix). ANd then, wait for the 64-bit applications to be made available.


The next couple of years are definitely going to be interesting!


"It's all about the... um-m-m, uh-h-h..."

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I still maintain my stance that in the near future we'll be able to run all of our old Windows software(drivers and all) with the newer PCs of the future. In fact we'll be able to run all programs from all PCs of the past. Time will prove me right!



You shouldn't chase after the past or pin your hopes on the future.
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