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HD24 Pt. 2

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I'm still putting this puppy through the wringer... [b]First Embarassing Session Moments[/b] I can see track meters bouncing but no sound! Drives me crazy for about three minutes until I realize the thing has slipped back into internal clock mode instead of syncing to the incoming word clock. A quick reminder of the importance of digital clocking. I still don't know how the clock source changed. Bug? I don't know. Idiocy? Probably. [b]First Psychological Effect[/b] I've had two people tell me how their HD24 tracks "sound" better than the same tracks from Cubase. I haven't had the heart to tell them there is absolutely no difference in these tracks. It's the "cool" factor going into overdrive. I've seen it before. [b]Hot Swappable?[/b] I see ads about SCSI being hot-swappable as if somehow IDE is not. The IDE recorders just park the drive head and power down so you can change. The drive isn't "hot" but the recorder is. The HD24 drive mounting/selecting system is a single button push. [b]Drive Speed/Requirements[/b] Paraphrasing Alesis... "The HD24 uses a proprietary method of writing audio to disk which reduces the importance of rated seek times and delivers very reliable playback on 5400 rpm IDE drives." Not a hiccup so far. Shipped with a 20 gig drive and I popped in an older 6 gig drive I had in the closet into drive 2 with no problems. [b]Recording/Monitoring[/b] The HD24 has different monitoring modes to fit different situations including auto-mode for punching and an all-input mode for passing input signals on all 24 channels. If you've got the HD24 hooked up in a triangle configuration with a daw and a digital console you can pass 24 digital channels from the daw through the HD24 to the console as if the HD24 was not even there. I tried it before I settled on my current configuration of 24 HD tracks and 8 daw/transfer/edit channels. I transferred a track to Cubase, routed that track back into the same channel's input on the HD24 and switched the monitoring in and out on that channel during MTC synced playback. It was really spooky not only not hearing a difference between them but also not hearing even the slightest hint that I even changed the channel source. [b]Routing/Slipping/Other Goodies?[/b] Alas, we have seen the truth and here it is... This is a recorder first and foremost. There ain't much digital wizardry here. Track 1 goes out of output one just like your old tape deck. No rerouting options. You can slip tracks foward or backward and some other editing function but if you don't use a daw and you need to edit sections quickly, the HD24 might not be for you. [b]Final Impressions[/b] Overall I think my 2k was well spent. Other users that I've found have expressed a similar confidence in this machine and I think this will be the new ADAT of choice due to it's simplicity, low cost and comprehensive analog and digital I/0. Alesis just makes everyone a little nervous right now. [b]Verdict[/b] Two thumbs way up...fine family (client) entertainment. Lawrence
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