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Record your kids! Do it now!

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I am in the process of transferring some minidisc recordings of conversations between Dogfur Jr & I from the last year and a half or so (he's almost three now) and I am just really glad that I yanked out the recorder on occasion to get a bit of it for history. Hearing his advancement in speech over time is really cool...Just a really cheap Creative Labs mic and the minidisc was all it took, I as SO glad I did it now...





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I used my MD and my computer to record Lilly. Glad I did! I never thought she'd forget having memorized Goodnight Moon! :eek: I wouldn't have her reciting it had I not taken time to set up a mic in her room. ;)


Unfortunately, my MD seems to have died. It plays back fine, but although it seems to record, when I finish and it writes the TOC, I somehow end up with a blank disc. :confused::mad:


I'd recorded most of What The?, here in Nashville, but ended up with nothing. :cry:

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Hell, YEAH! Shit, if only there were camcorders and home computers back when MY kids were growing up. They were already in their teens when camcorders became remotely practical. At least I have some of those years on tape. And twenty boxes of 35mm photos. But, yeah, being able to tape them from infancy would have been GREAT.


Don't ANY of you young punks take this kind of shit for granted. Take advantage instead!



I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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Somewhere, I've got a copy of a camcorder tape that shows my kids when they were quite little. I also have cassette tapes of them talking. These are worth more than all the gold in California to me. As soon as I could afford it (early 90s) I bought my first camcorder...and have tons of tapes of them in their earlier childhood.


If anything happened like a house fire, and everyone got out, but these tapes were destroyed, I'd be crushed.

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