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And speaking of Nick Lowe...

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I was listening to "Cruel To Be Kind" last night... is this the perfect pop single? Okay, there's a TON of great pop singles and I've been known to say the same thing about other ones (Beach Boys "God Only Knows" comes to mind. So does Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields)... but anyway, I am getting distracted. What a great song that is! Cool acoustic guitars, killer solo (was that Dave or was it Billy Bremmer or was it Nick?), perfect lyrics, great vocal execution - including the harmonies... and an AMAZING hook.


Any Nick Lowe fans out there? Favorite songs? Favorite album? Did you dig Rockpile? How about Little Village?


Let's talk about Nick behind his back for a while. :)

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Good call, Phil. Quick thoughts: Nick Lowe's written some great pop songs, as well as things like The Beast in Me for Johnny Cash.I love the acoustic guitars in Cruel to be kind, Great production, Ditto the piano in Breaking Glass. Rockpile were a hoot live, not so on record in my opinion. Little Village promised so much (what a lineup!) but didn't deliver. His production of Elvis Costello stuff was great. An all-rounder, journeyman musician. Wonder what he's up to now....

Big Hat. No Cattle.


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Oh boy - LOVE Nick Lowe. Yeah, "Cruel To Be Kind" is definitely one of those perfect pop singles. Another of my fave songs of his in that vein is "American Squirm." And Rockpile just killed... "Teacher Teacher," how's that for a perfect pop song?


My band actually covers quite a few Lowe/Rockpile songs and we get compared to them all the time. We do "Heart of the City," "Without Love" (another fave of mine), "Sweet Little Lisa," and "A Love So Fine" quite a bit.


Definitely a great underrated songwriter and band!

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Nick's more recent (90s) albums are reallt terrific: Party of One, Dig My Mood, etc. If anything he's gotten better as a songwriter.


As for my favorites, how about one oldie and one newie?


Oldie: What's so Funny 'bout Peace Love and Understanding, of course.


Newie: All Men Are Liars (from Party of One). It's a perfect song.

Check out the Sweet Clementines CD at bandcamp
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Thanks Magpel, I'll have to check out Party Of One. I've heard some of Dig My Mood and was pretty impressed.


Lee, how'd I know you would be a Nick fan? ;) Would love to finally get to see you guys do some of that stuff live - as always, you KNOW I'm a big fan of WT...? :thu:


Yeah, I think Nick never got as big as he deserved to be... and he does seem like he'd be a fun guy to hang out with. Very underated cat - sorry Duddits, I know you're just a cat, but there's other cats too ;) How cool for you that you got to see him in a nice small venue and had a good time. :thu:

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Originally posted by Lee Flier:

Another of my fave songs of his in that vein is "American Squirm." And Rockpile just killed... "Teacher Teacher," how's that for a perfect pop song?

Oh man, I was gonna mention "Teacher Teacher." Been too long since I've heard that one. And how about Rockpile's take on "Almost Saturday Night"? *Sweet*



Lee, sounds like you have a pretty fun band!

this house is empty now...
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Songrytr, I replied over on the Keyboard thread too... what threads was I gonna start? New Tape Smell in a Can and, what was the other one? I forgot. :D


Gotta run - got multiple keyboard takes to go listen to / choose from, from this really cool cat who was in the studio layin' it down tonight... :D See ya tomorrow.

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Originally posted by Bunny.:







My man.


Your PMs are FULL!


I've sent you at least two emails in the last couple weeks, and I'm not so sure you're receiving them.


Is your ssrstudio.com email account working???


What's goin' on, bud?



Yeah, that's it, or direct to pokeefe777@msn.com


Get this -


I've got the studio mail forwared to my main email addy (listed above). Out of the blue, Hotmail / MSN decides to tell me that I've exceeded my mailbox size limit... and I've got to ditch a BUNCH of old stuff because stuff's apparently getting bounced. End up having to toss tons of stuff - like they shrank my box size or something. Plus, I'm gettin' about 200+ copies of that dang 32 KB worm per day, clogging up my junk mail folder - which apparently goes towards the account size limit, so things have been getting lost.


You can always call me Bunny - you'ev got the numbers still, right? They're not exactly hard to locate if you don't. ;)




Oh PS - I'll try to clear out the PM box.

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I, too, always think of "Cruel To Be Kind" as one of those perfect pop songs.


Nick starts with a bang, gets right to the point with no filler, and gets out a few minutes. Everything about it so "right": the clever lyrics, the huge hook, the big beat, the big jangly guitars, a tight arrangement, the guitar solo (I think it's Billy Bremner), even the "ooh-ooh-ooh" vocal harmonies that set up the guitar solo.


What's not to love?


Look at other songs on Lowe's first 2 albums: "So It Goes", "Dose of You", "Marie Provost", "Cracking Up", "Switchboard Susan", "I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass", etc. That could be good output over 10 years, and it was Nick just getting started.


I never really warmed up to Little Village. I have the CD...maybe it's time for another listen.

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I love Nick Lowe! Little Village was better on John Hiatt's "Bring the Family" (recently rereleased on 5.1 SACD!) even though they were just serving as studio musicians. That album is what started Little Village.


I agree "Party of One" was a fun, goofy album. All Men are Liars had one of my favorite lyrics.


Well, do you remember Rick Astley?

He had a big fat hit. It was ghastly.

He said "I'm never gonna give you up or let you dow-ow-own,"

But I'll tell you now, that Dick's a clown.

Though he was just a boy when he made that vow,

I'm betting on all that he knows by now

All men are liars...


He has better albums than Party of One, but none as funny. It's just inconsistent, but it grew on me pretty quickly. Impossible Bird he started getting a lot more country, and he's damn good at that too. I haven't heard his two albums since, I'll have to seek them out.

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