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15.4" WXGA screens?

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i just bought a new IBM T40 (centrino 1.5, 32mb ATI video ram), and immediately noticed that the display on it (a 14.1" TFT) is not nearly as sharp or contrasty as the 15.4" wxga screen is on the dell 8600 i have at the office. also, the dell video card lets you adjust contrast, gamma, etc. while the IBM ATI card only lets you adjust screen brightness - not adequate.


since display quality is one of the most important things i want in a new laptop, i am thinking of trading the IBM for something else. are all of the 15.4" displays the same maker and quality? or is it the video card that makes the difference? what are the best new laptops that have the 15.4" wxga display? how important is it to have a dedicated video card vs. integrated graphics?


sunridge studios

salem, oregon

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