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DAMMITT i killed a 9600 mobo.

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im really pissed off about this. i killed a perfectly good 9600 mobo. dead.


i have (ok, i had) 2 9600's each running pro tools sitting next to each other. one has a g3/500 the other a g4/450.


my buddy across towns' 8600 went belly up a few days ago so i been troubleshooting it. i swapped out the cpu from his 8600 into my 9600 and BAM now both machines are dead.


i got it back up by installing an old MOBO but it only has 3 PCI slots instead of six. so THAT one doesnt have dual monitors anymore, nor a scsi accel card, NOR a pentium card.


DAMMIT. those MOBOS aint cheap either!!!!!


so my studio is a nightmare of computer parts right now. i got cards all over the place.


im pissed.


the 9600 mobo that is dead does this:


1. chimes at boot.

2. mouse pointer moves.

3. thats it. thats all it does.


i zapped the pram about 120 times


i removed the battery and held the cuda switch for over five minutes


i removed all cards and all ram


its dead.

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