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Midas Venice 320 vs. A&H GL2200-32 vs. Yamaha MC32/12

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I'm getting the itch to replace my Mackie SR32-4 with a better console. These are all around $3K. I can make any of these work just fine. The Yami has a few more busses, which would be nice...BUT I really am looking for a good quality board.


Any hands on opinions would be hugely appreciated.



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Hi there.


I could not simply compare the sound -or should I say, the absence of it?- of a MIDAS against any A&H or YAMAHA. I just love the feel and sound of any MIDAS over any other board. Sweet EQ, routing and solid built. MIDAS simply made a smaller version of their consoles, but it's yet a MIDAS board.


A&H and Yammies are excellent boards, too and they have -among other amenities- a big advantage over the MIDAS model: 100 mm faders. The Venice 320 has 60 mm faders. This might be a bummer for many pros.


You will not go wrong anyway, I'm just voting in favor of the Venice 320.

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Comparing Midas to A&H or Yami is akin to comparing a Hummer H1 (the original) to a Ford Expedition or Chevy Tahoe as an off road vehicle. There's simply no comparison in performance. (Quantified in our case by sound quality, road worthiness, and overall value.)


Get the Midas. ;)

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Ok. The 260 is here. I've messed with it a bit, but I'm confused. Is there no way to get two mono sub outputs out of this unit? Seems as if I choose Mono Sub on two of the channels, I get a Config error message.


Anyone know this unit well enough to tell me if I'm doing something wrong?

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