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Semi OT: How do you find your private students?


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I'm struggling to rebuild my private studio after a 2-year hiatus from doing music full time and am having a surprisingly difficult time finding students. To those of you who make a large part of your income through teaching privately, how do you go about advertising? The majority of my current students I've found through word of mouth but lately I'm feeling like nobody is talking! :P I've been using Craigslist to offer in-home lessons for what I believe to be a very reasonable rate (especially by NYC standards) but I'm rarely asked anything beyond "what do you charge" and I'm getting frustrated. Thoughts?
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When I started teaching about 15 years ago I taught at my home to a small number of students who I found by listing myself on various Music Teacher websites. After a while I found I could get more students if I offered lessons at their location and now I do all lessons at the student's location. My schedule is pretty well filled but when I do get an opening I often get a referral from a current client or sometimes place an ad on CL which has worked pretty well in the past. Now there seems to be a glut of teachers advertising there so that doesn't seem to be as effective as it once was. For the most part my current clientele has come through referrals and many have been with me several years. It does take some time to get established and your best prospects will be very young beginners who are more likely to stay with you for a long period of time. In my experience older/adult students are difficult to find and usually don't stick with it for very long.
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