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Yellowjackets - Imperial Strut

David R

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Anybody else ever learned this tune? The syncopated octaves in the LH are kicking my ass, never mind adding in the independence of the RH. Anyone got fingering suggestions for the LH? Advice? Psychotherapy?



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Yes, David the LH is the key and the right hand follows doesn't it? I played it in a fusion band once and wouldn't want to do it again. I fingered it a bit like this as I recall ...




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Might be obvious, but don't use fingers 1 and 5 for all the octaves. I don't have a fingering for this specific figure, since I'm just going off of hearing it, never played the tune. Since you've got octaves moving up chromatically, try alternating your bottom LH finger. Finger 5 on the white key octaves, and finger 4 on the black key octaves. Start with that idea and adjust it accordingly based on what feels comfortable with that specific figure.


Maybe this is something you're already doing (in which case, ignore me), but I figured it's worth a mention, since alternating 4 and 5 generally gives you more control and reduces effort when playing octaves. I see a lot of people playing octaves strictly with 1 and 5 the whole time, and it's usually more of a struggle that way.

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