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Clavinet cabinet noise


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Can any of you guys with experience of Clavinets offer any enlightenment.


My D6 when I play it has trails of cabinet boom, like an echo. I have took the keyframe out, checked the screws (haven't checked the pickup bolts on the upper pickup yet) it does it when i even tap around the cabinet as you can see here.




and here


I can dial it out by pulling the bass frequency back on my amp, and using a gate.


is this normal behaviour for two giant single coil pickups in a wood box to react to playing vibrations?




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It's hard to tell if it's abnormal in that there is no note played as reference against the noise. Assuming you have things fairly cranked, it's normal. When I sampled my clavinets I had to be careful about moving my finger on the key while I waited for the note to decay. That slight movement could be picked up. Also any touching of the case. The Yamaha CP70/80 is similarly bad. The cabinet, legs and especially the damper pedal all are easily picked up. Rhodes and Wurlies are much better in this regard.





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Thanks guys for putting my mind at rest. Yeah, I have the clavinet volume pot maxed. The gain on my 10" Vox AD15 VTXL around half way. Busch, did you sample yours with the pot maxed? And what processing did you use on it?


The trouble is I tend to reflect on post processed clavinets on recordings and think mine must have something up. I might throw a bass eq or para eq in there and zone in on the cabinet boom a bit more than just using the bass pot on a guitar amp.



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