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Ventilator is still making new friends


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Scott, a songwriter friend of mine, recently acquired a Hammond C3 for his home studio. Unfortunately, a Leslie didn't come with it (and I'm not sure he has the space for one in his home studio anyway), so I offered to bring along my Ventilator for him to demo for a few days.


When I arrived at Scott's, mutual friend George Glover (keyboard player with Climax Blues Band) was there tracking some Hammond for a new project all three of us are involved in. George had heard of the Ventilator but never used one. Anyway, I connected it up and both of them were blown away by the quality. George was like a kid with a new toy and was moved to acquire one for himself. I think Scott will do likewise if I can ever prise mine back out of his hands!


Nice to see the Vent is still making friends, eh? :)

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Even nicer to see that you see to have a band with three organ players. That must sound great! :D

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That's part of what we do -- introduce people to new toys.


amen to that!! :2thu:

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