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Kurzweil PC3 & BURN finally!


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Hi all. I recently acquired a Burn from one of our forum members. My experience was excellent and I got to chat with a fellow keyboardist. Thank you Mark! I spent some time with my PC3 & removed the leslie effect on several patches. I also removed the internal reverbs & adjusted amp gain, volume range & output gain. I assigned several patches to the Aux outs to experiment with. All of this goes very quickly once I got the hang of it. I connected Midi to this bad boy & spent some time getting use to the Burn parameters which are adjustable. I chose the Midi setting of User Defined. Currently I have the Switch assigned to Tube On/Off, Mod wheel mapped to OvdLevel & sustain pedal mapped to speed Slow/Fast. I have to say the Burn rocks - especially with some tube overdrive!


Anyway here are my questions to anyone with Burn experience:

- although the switch pedal1 (sustain pedal set as latched) works perfectly with the speed control, I cannot get switch pedal2 to accurately control the Bypass function. I can map the Midi CC but no matter what I try the pedal only works as momentary. I have changed the settings within the Kurz but no effect. Is there something special about mapping the Bypass control that I am missing???


- The Chorus/ Vib & Depth buttons on the PC3 are adjusting the Reverb setting in the Burn. I looked at the Midi monitor to see what CCs are being generated by these switches & see nothing. I also don't see any midi mapping inside the Burn for reverb adjust. Any thoughts?


- When adjusting the mod wheel (set to Ovd Gain) with the tube switched On, the Burn generates some crackling even with no input. Is this normal?


Currently I run mono & have an EV112 with 2 inputs. I configured all my organ sounds to the Aux out & run this through the Burn into one of the EV inputs. Then I have the Master out going to EV input2. This would work perfectly EXCEPT when I'm using a non-Burn sound & adjust my mod wheel (chorus etc.) I get this crackling coming through the Burn.


For this weekend I will just use the organ sounds mapped to the primary outs & connect Main out into the Burn, out into EV input1. I'll use the onboard Bypass switch for non-Burn sounds.


I have to say the mods to the Kurz were very easy & these two sound great together!


Thanks for any suggestions,


Kurzweil Forte 7, PC3, PC4, Hydrasynth, Kronos 61, UltraNova, Rhodes, Clavinet D6, MiniMoog, GSI Burn, ELX112Ps, SpaceStation, Assorted Weapons
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