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New music?!?!?!?! anyone buy new music.


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it appears that a big majority no longer buys new music. and i have been here on the net long enough to realize that my generation seems to feel that new music sucks and anything after the 70's is crap.


i am starting to feel there is nothing out there for "us" because we are not looking. time for us to accept the fact that we are partly responsible for the lack of "good music" these days.

I bet the WWII generation said the same thing when they could no longer find new releases from Glenn Miller. Imagine what they thought about the crappy music of the '60s/'70s that followed that talentless and lewd Elvis guy. ;)


Music goes through fads just like other fashion industries. It's just like why you can't get your new refrigerator in that old avocado green color anymore.




There are still people out there making "classic rock" music. Most likely, though, you won't like it because it either sounds too much or too little like what you're used to.


There's a reason why the music industry targets the under 25 crowd, car insurance rates drop when you turn 25 and teenagers do stupid things. The human brain isn't fully mature until about age 25. That's about the time people stop listening to new music, too, and "the soundtrack to my life" for someone is whatever was popular up until their 20's.


i have no problems checking out anything new be it rock, blues or whatever. i am mainly rocking though and there is more metal in my car than metal in my car. ha ha

some of my favorite stuff is new. and some is new to me. obviously my brain isn't fully mature , kind of glad that things still excite me. i can grow old but i don't have to act it.


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