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OT: Tinker w/ Four Classic Drum Machines On Your Web Browser

Philip Clark

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Wouldnt it be wonderful if tapping into the magic that classic drum machines provide cost less than the down payment on a new car? Well, one very handy programmer has provided the music nerd in you with a massive public service, emulating vintage drum machines like Rolands legendary TR-808, TR-909, Roger Linns generation defining Linndrum and Elektrons Machinedrum right in the convenience of your everyday web browser. Imagine, all of the kicks, snares, rimshots, hi-hats and shakers you could bear at just a click away. You can even record programs and export them to continue the madness on a real controller when youve got the time. Otherwise, this could be the greatest distraction from the work day that the internet has ever gifted the world.

Soul, R&B, Pop from Los Angeles



Cannonball Gerald Albright Signature Alto, Yamaha YC73, Fender Rhodes, Roland Juno-106, Yamaha MX61, Roland VR-09, MicroKorg XL, Maschine Mikro, Yamaha Reface CP, Roland MKS-50

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