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Another "DUH!" Moment for an Old Beginner


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Facetiously, I ask "Did y'all know that guitar players can put a slide on and take it off again all in the same song?!?!?!"


Duh! I may be old but I'm slow. Too. Been tryin' to figure out Duane Allman's work on "Dreams". Watched a YouTube video and heard him "detune" his guitar to get ready for "Dreams". I thought he was tuning it into some open or drop tuning. Nope. He was IN an open E tuning on the song before and tuned it back "normal" for "Dreams". So, I'm trying to reconcile different lead passages and FINALLY open my eyes and SEE that he starts without a slide, then puts it on later. DUH! OK, back to your regularly scheduled programming. Click.


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There's a YouTube clip of JOHNNY WINTER at Woodstock playing "Mean Town Blues" in which mid song, he switches to slide, but WITHOUT needing to "retune".


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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