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O.T. chauvet lighting


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Background info:


I have two chauvet moving head lights(a master and slave set up) that run on DMX or dip switches.. To make long story short, the dip switches are broken on the slave unit. I run them together via DMX or mic cable.


Is there anyway I can make one of them (the slave) scan (move back and forth) left to right instead of right to left like the master one does? In other words: mirror the movement of the other?


Not using a DMX controller-just a power center to simply turn them on or off.


Would a train transformer running in reverse as the power source accomplish this? Just looking for an answer! Thanks.

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FWIW, you can probably just use wire jumpers to repair the DIP switch area, by jumping it to a fixed switch pattern.


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Not knowing the specific light there should be a mirror or reverse setting in the DIP switches. From my experience both Chauvet and American DJ have great parts departments with speedy service. You could replace the DIP panel.


Harmony Central and DJforums.com both have good lighting experts in their lighting forums. I'd take this to them, and after mentioning the specific fixture see what they say.

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