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Slightly OT: Logic 9 problem


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Hi folks, I also posted over at the Apple support forums, but as some of you are also using Logic at home, I reckon I'd give it a try:


I just updated my iMac to 10.8.5 from 10.6.8.


Now Logic 9 won't play some audio files I recorded before the update. Some run fine, others don't sound at all, even though the waveform is shown. The tracks that don't sound anymore also don't have the mono/stereo/surround button beneath the level meter. Any thoughts on how to solve this?


I'm running Logic 9.1.8.


Thanks in advance!

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Have you run Disk Utility to run Repair Permissions on the computer? You should do that, even if it doesn't resolve this particular issue.


That's what saved me when I finally updated from Snow Leopard to Mavericks. Logic 9 wouldn't even open. I Repaired Permissions and now it works great.

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