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Our trip to the Marshall Islands

Chad Thorne

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Jeremy messaged me today and told me it was about time I posted an update. Yessir!


Guitar player put together a little slide show:


He put a music bed to it, but not on Youtube, I guess, which is just as well, because it was all famous bands playing their songs, not us, which made no sense to me...


We had a fantastic time. All the people, Americans and Marshallese alike, were warm, welcoming, friendly and generous. Our three shows were very well received, and I hear there's a move afoot to bring us back! Of course, the weather was beautiful, 85 degrees F. every day.

The guitar player fell down and broke his toe the first day, and went around the rest of the time on a walking stick fashioned for him by the man that runs the wood shop. I went out with some guys fishing and was sick the whole trip (not seasick - I have medical records for proof), and we got into a WILD rainstorm, rough seas, savage beauty. I wish I could have enjoyed it more but I was too busy vomiting...


It would take a long time to tell all the wonderful stories, but suffice to say it was an experience we'll never forget.





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I told the guys I wouldn't charge them for the chum.


What was REALLY funny about that is our drummer Marc is an avid fisherman who arranged the trip. At one point, after he'd drunk a beer, I guess I set him off, and there we were, me yakking off the port bow, he off the starboard. Stereo. Even in my distress I thought, "This is pretty freakin' funny right here..."



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