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A very cool FREE tuner app for Android devices


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Hey Gents,


I came across a really cool FREE guitar tuner for Android devices online and it really works well. It's called "GUITAR TUNA".


It has a really nice graphical user interface (GUI) and tunes pretty accurately.


Highly recommended!

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If I ever do get a Smart Phone, IPhone or Android, et al, I'll put the app on it incase I should forget my Snark...I've seen others use such an app with their phones and I'm guessing it picks up crowd and background noise? :cool:


The various free tuners I've downloaded for my iPhone all seem really jumpy & of questionable accuracy. Plus they are really advertisements for the paid versions so you have to wait through a lot of sales pitch on some of them. If anybody has a recommendation for one that is stable, accurate & has some fine tuning ability in the range between 5 cents sharp or flat & dead on, I'd love to hear about it.

Scott Fraser
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