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OT: A German easy listening mystery


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Aimed mainly at any German members of the board but open to anyone. As some of you know, I'm very much into library music particularly from the 60s and 70s, and recently downloaded an album called Golden Hearts by David Ordini. It includes this classic UK TV theme:




but also has some other great tunes. Ordini is/was clearly a talented melodist and a superb orchestrator. However, I could find absolutely NO information on this guy on the internet apart from links to other audio tracks available in various places.


Finally, though, I came across the website of a guy called Wolfgang Maeder. It was all in German, which I don't speak, but it suggested to me that David Ordini and Maeder were the same guy. It also appeared he had recorded under the pseudonyms of Andy Novello and Lennie Portner, among others. I'm not sure why this should have been perhaps something to do with post-war anti-German sentiment.


Anyway, I tried writing to Herr Maeder on the email address of the website (which immediately bounced) and even, out of curiosity, tried ringing the phone number listed there. That too had long gone.


I tried returning to the website again a month or so ago to find that it too had been pulled, although you can still see it via the Wayback Machine here.


Does anyone have any more information about this guy? For me, his work is right up there with people like Kaempfert and Conniff.


I'll leave you with another chunk of melodic genius.




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